Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After a long layoff, I am back

It's been so long since I have been back here. Too long if you ask me.

I've had some ups and downs, but all in all, life is good with me.

2 years ago I stopped writing not because of a lack of material, but more of a lack of desire to write. My creative monster was still there, but it just couldn't come out of my fingers and onto the web any more.

But lately the desire has started coming back and today I decided today was the day. Expect to see more from me in the future as I begin to tell you what has happened to me since the day I went away.

Until then, chow bitches!!

The Infamous JP

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, August 04, 2008

Serious Prayers are needed.

I often call out to my friends and relatives for situations like what I am about to mention. I consider all of the people who read my blog friends too, so I am including you.

Last night, early this morning, our office secretary's middle son got into an accident. He was driving home in the early morning hours and took a turn too wide and flipped into a ditch. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down and the doctors have given him a 20% chance of a full recovery. It has been pretty somber around here and my coworkers and I are keeping him in his prayers that he makes that full recovery.

Sssh, you are making too much noise.

I haven't had much to blog about lately. My life has been pretty boring and I haven't gotten myself into any hi jinx that would warrant a post. I still don't really. This post is because of a 3 (or 4) year old boy....

Every other week, my roommate gets his kids for the weekend. He picks them up on Fridays and then drops them off on Sundays. Usually during those weeks, we try to keep things around the house calm and collected and I try to behave myself. Doesn't always work, but for the most part, I am a good little boy.

Friday night was no different. I had softball practice at 7 and didn't get home til around 10. I thought I was tired so I headed to bed, turned the T.V. on in my room and put the volume at a level that was just enough to hear, but not enough to wake anyone. Then set the timer so it would shut off cause I was definitely going to be asleep. Right? Wrong.

I could not fall asleep. No boring movie could do it. Tylenol P.M. couldn't do it. Nothing was working. 1 am comes. Still awake. 3 am. Eyes wide open. 5am. Hello sun starting to creep. And each time I just kept watching T.V. cause I need the noise to fall asleep. I had to get some sleep. The kids wake up at 6 and if I don't get some soon, I never would.

5:30 am - Come on JP go to sleep. Do it!!
5:45 am - Yawn. Maybe I'm almost there...

And then at 6 am I see my door start to open. In walks my roommates son as if he's reading my mind he says, "John, go to sleep, you are making too much noise"

And with that. 10 minutes later I am asleep.

I guess I just needed permission from him to go to sleep. What am I going to do next weekend?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Poor Baby!!!!

The July 4th weekend is usually filled with fun, friends, booze, and of course fireworks. But for some unlucky individuals it is also filled with car accidents, busted fenders, and curbside vomit. Such was the case for me this weekend.

It started of innocently enough. Dodgeball at 7pm, shower at 830, and then off to party at 930.

Then all of a sudden, the laughter and fun changed changed as at around 5 in the morning, I started sneezing. I'll let the following pictures give you an idea of what happened next....

Luckily for me and the other party involved, no one was hurt. Hell even when the police officer showed up, he didn't have a real reason to file a report (that or he was just really lazy and didn't feel like dealing with it).

*UPDATE* I'm so glad I have full coverage on my car. The total amount of work that is going to be done is going to cost $2100 (I have a $500 dollar deductible).

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Seriously Guys It's just a game.

I'm still pretty busy over here, but I'll try better I promise.

Last night my mens softball team won again. We are now 11-1, with 2 more games to play and we've already clinched the division title. I expect to see some players rested and everybody getting some substantial time in the field in our next game. There was a incident however last night that kind made the game a little less than fun.

In the first game, one of our players was on his way to base and everyone knew he was going to be tagged out. Unfortunately, when he was running he slipped, and he got tagged in the face unintentionally. He knew, the guy that tagged him knew it, our team knew it, the other team knew it. Well except for their teams pitcher. After the play, he decided that it would be best to yell at the guy that tagged our runner for dirty play. What followed was a 10 minute argument that we were afraid was about to come to blows. Words were exchanged, names were called and language was used. And for the next hour these two men were pissed and could not be near each other.

And what is worse? IT IS A CHURCH LEAGUE. We pray (moment of silence for some) before and after the game and they still acted like this.

Good going guys. Way to be an example. Especially with kids right there watching.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I *cough* am going *cough cough* to the *cough hack cough* beach

... and will come back smelling like a campfire.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been experiencing a somewhat daily air problem: Smoke from one or both of the 2 wildfires that are burning in Virginia and North Carolina. It has gotten so bad that all of the elderly homes in the area have put a kibosh on all outdoor activity. People have been confined to four walls and windows only to look outside and see a fog-like haze blanketing the area. It was so bad this morning, that there were patches of smoke coming off the ground that gave the impression that they were on fire themselves. What's worse is that there is no end in sight at this time. One of the fires is located in the Great Dismal Swamp of Chesapeake, Virginia and is starting to burn the peat layers of the swamp, which when dry, will smoke and smolder for months.

I will say though, that all this smoke is making me want to go on a camping trip. Anyone want to come?

Also - For those of you that are interested:

  1. Kickball is over for the spring and unfortunately, our team was not one of the better teams and only won 3 out of 10 games and had to forfeit our playoff game because we could not field enough players.
  2. The co-ed softball team is playing will and we have fought our way to a 4-4 record. Despite only having 9 players for our set of games this past Friday, we were able to split the two games, losing 9-6 in the first game and winning the second game 14-4.
  3. The male softball team is kicking tail and we now have a 7-1 record and are tied for 1st place with the other 7-1 team in our division. That team's 1 loss is attributed to us, and our 1 loss came at their hands.
  4. And finally, dodgeball starts this week and I have been practicing with wrenches and for the past couple of weeks. My doctors cleared me last night saying that it was only a mild concussion and that my boys will heal themselves over time.